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About Us

We are a knowledge and enthusiasts hub which encourages and inspire girls in learning Cyber Security and related. We mainly create awareness among women to learn and explore today’s most hottest trending domain which is Cybersecurity. We conduct various workshops, meet-ups, events, etc bringing CyberSecurity experts to share their experience and skills with learners.We aim to uplift girls by educating and providing them by resources through our platforms , blogs and podcasts so that they can get updates and gain knowledge in the field of cybersecurity.

Meet Our Team


Priyanka Muthu (@kimigirllll)

Founder, Leader

A Cybersecurity researcher with a strong background in computer networks and ethical hacking, professional with a BTech - Bachelor of Technology focused in Information Technology from one of the top 10 engineering colleges in india - College of Engineering Guindy - Anna University, currently pursuing Postgrad in Computer networks and Security from Canada. Post B.tech, her interest moved to start a career in cybersecurity and ethical hacking with driven desire to be one of the women in tech to leave a mark in the cybersecurity industry.

Yashika Paneri (@yashikap_18)

Content writer and Blogger

Pursuing Bachelor's degree in Engineering Computer science with specialization in Cyber Security. An enthusiastic learner of Data Science, Machine learning and Cybersecurity and passionate about learning and exploring technologies and work on them. Passionate in technical writing,poems and stories.


Anishka Shukla (@anishkashukla)

Community strategist, Content writer

A wesbite pentester, bug hunter, blogger with knowledge in computer networking, web development, network security and web app security.


Devisha (@korn_shell)

Team manager, Graphic designer

Highly agile and enthusiastic strong in terms of audits , strong and experienced articled assistant with a demonstrated history of working in accounting industry with a very intact background in Technology with past history of strong hands over network and system security with capability to code fluently . She also has proved her essence and importance with discovering severe web security based vulnerabilities and have successfully bagged up bounties along with multiple HOFs(Hall of Fame) proving multiple working capability along her extensive and agile journey towards becoming a chartered accountant ! She maintains a strong foothold over managing an women is security based community (WoSA) with agility and enthusiasm guiding and leading the next gen upcoming women in STEM and cybersecurity with friendly and supportive nature.


Harshita (@keycybr)

External Affairs

Founder, Cyber Security trainer & cyber security consultant at keycybr. Recognised for hall of fame from cavier, cyberxploits, indeed, cisco meraki, irobot, NCIIPC (Gov. Of India) as a cyber security researcher. Elite member at Kerala Police Cyberdome. Certified in Diploma in Cyber Law, Program in internet crime investigation, Cybercrime defence and prosecution and Digital evidence specialist. Influencer and organizer at Crowdsource by Google. Interests include Cyber Law, Cyber Investigation, Cyber Forensics, Digital Evidence, Bug Bounty, Blogging.


Kamni Panjwani (@kay0.5)

Social Media Strategist, Blogger

Experience at JP morgan chase bank. Certified Ethical Hacker, coder, cyber sec enthusiast, learning assembly language, OSCP to be.


Reza (@reza_pradhan)

Content Head, Social Media Manager

A cybersecurity enthusiast with a mild background in cybersecurity holding caliber in programming system based programming language like C++. Recently passed her high school from an well renowned school and moving towards her bachelors , she spends an ample amount of time in writing networking based blogs and also keeps a keen interest in making , learning and breaking stuffs in tech , has a very basic understanding of Linux Filesystem and CLI and networking with able to code fluently. Always helping and straight forward in nature open to opportunities with agility and zealous towards contributing towards the community through her eye catching blogs and her performance has been great when it comes to deliver top notch content , also keeps a keen view in developing a friendly relation and view for women in STEM and infosec , has deliberately been contributing to one of the women is information security community aka WoSA(Women of SECARMY) as content lead.

Bhakti Rana (@bhaktirana)

Graphic designer, Writer

A CSE student pursuing B. Tech with specialization in Cyber Security discovered her passion in Graphics Designing and became an ace designer who creates aesthetic Graphics. She believes 'design is the abstraction of one's personality.' She is a digital creator and consultant as well as an enthusiastic cyber forensic amateur.


Harismita (@harismita_yuvaraj)

Technical writer and Blogger

Passionate about ethical hacking to explore more in this field day by day persistently. Love reading technical contents. Team worker and a good listener.

Why Us?

We are a family of curious learners who invites and encourage women from school students to professionals in showing them the path towards Cyber Security.We spread awareness and opportunities to uplift their future.We are a diverse community which supports and work together as a team. Nowadays, We have a lack of knowledge about Information Security in our society among women, therefore to minimize this gap we are developing and creating enthusiasts to engage themselves in the field of Cyber Security and related.

Our Mission

  1. To empower girls in education especially in the field of cybersecurity
  2. To support and aware girls about the Security and power of technology
  3. By conducting conferences, events, workshops etc, we spread awareness and mentorship.

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